Much of the plastic we put in the blue bin is not being recycled.

After China's ban on recyclables, municipalities struggle to find sustainable outlets for plastic waste.

Including Surprise, Payson, Safford, and many other places across the united states.

As part of the solution, Resinate is building the circular economy at a local level.

One ton of recycled plastic saves:

5,000 Kwh of energy

16 barrels of oil

30 cubic yards of landfill space.

The Little Planter

This product started out as a perk which we offered as a "thank you" for our crowdfunding project. People loved the little planter, so we decided to keep making them.

The product has evolved since our crowdfunding project concluded, and Resinate has evolved a bit, too!

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Introducing the first climbing hold in the U.S. made from 100% recycled plastic

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Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

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We have a strong and growing team of volunteers who work with us to learn and impact global sustainability

by building the circular economy at a local level. Click the link below to join us.

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Allow us to introduce ourselves...

We believe plastic waste doesn't have to be a problem. We're part of a new, circular economic system that will help the economy work economically and environmentally better. We use plastic waste generated by local businesses and consumers to create modern products designed to last and to be recycled again.

We’ve all heard a lot about plastic waste in the ocean, but the truth is, it’s everywhere. Resinate is doing something worthwhile and productive with this so-called waste material here in landlocked Arizona, where plastic waste is often thrown into landfills, incinerators, and sometimes shipped overseas for processing or disposal.

Whats next? We're glad you asked!

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