Pharmacy and dispensary plastic can not be recycled!

Thousands of tons of it. Until now.

These small things literally fall through the cracks of the recycling system.

That's why Resinate is building the circular economy at a local level.

We help dispensaries and their customers recycle their plastic waste into new products.

Find our first product here and watch our social media for a surprising, exciting new line of products coming Spring 2020.

Let's be honest...

Recycling shouldn't be a mystery, and reusable resources shouldn't go to waste. We are part of a new, circular economic system that we hope will help society work economically and environmentally better. We do this by using plastic waste generated by local businesses and consumers to create modern products designed to last and to be recycled again.

One ton of recycled plastic saves:

5,000 Kwh of energy

16 barrels of oil

30 cubic yards of landfill space.

We’ve all heard the news about plastic pollution in the ocean, and some organizations are out there cleaning it up, but the truth is, that won't cure the problem. That's because there is no single "cure," to the problem, but Resinate is doing something productive with this so-called waste material here in landlocked Arizona, where plastic waste is often thrown into landfills, incinerators, and sometimes shipped overseas for processing or disposal methods that often lead to oceanic pollution. Part of the solution to the global plastic pollution is creating economically productive outlets for the plastic waste that people dispose of. What's better than recycling? Reusing! We upcycle or "reuse" this plastic material to create our products, which retains more of the material's value and locally builds the circular economy. It's important to clean up the mess in the ocean, and Resinate is helping to keep that mess contained.

Whats next?

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