Resinate Tech

We challenge assumptions to make things better

for the environment and the economy.

"Plastics aren't inherently bad.

It's what we do, or don't do, with them that counts."

- Sylvia Earle, National Geographic

100% recycled plastic rescued from landfills and the environment ⛰️

made with love, and with the future in mind 🧗



Model 1

Our first 100% recycled plastic climbing hold.

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Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

Available Now

For a few volunteers and one intern during summer 2019,

Resinate has an opportunity to impact global sustainability

by helping to build the circular economy at a local level.

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Allow us to introduce ourselves...

We believe plastic waste doesn't have to be a problem. We're part of a new, circular system that will help the waste economy work economically and environmentally better. We use plastic waste materials generated by local businesses to create modern products designed to last and to be recycled again.

Building closed-loop product solutions for - and from - plastic waste.

We make functional yet artful products with intrinsic benefits that come from our production process. People love the form and function of our products, and the added environmental and economic value makes people feel good about choosing us.

We’ve all heard a lot about plastic waste in the ocean, but the truth is, it’s everywhere. Resinate is doing something worthwhile and productive with this so-called waste material here in landlocked Arizona, where plastic waste is often thrown into landfills and incinerators or it’s shipped overseas.

Resinate is a re-manufacturing company - it collects plastic waste from local businesses (often ones that don’t have access to a recycling program) and reprocesses that waste into 100% recycled plastic products, including planter pots and climbing wall holds. This saves recyclable plastic from the fate of landfills or incinerators and instead produces a durable, recyclable product.

Whats next? We're glad you asked!

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