Solutions are forming that work better for the community and the planet.

We're one of them. 

Most dispensary packaging can't be recycled by the city!

Thousands of tons of it... Until now.

We working with and learn from the community, dispensaries, brands and packaging producers to capture and recycle it, including into some of our own products.

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We help dispensaries & people make small actions that create an incredible impact.

Small plastics literally fall through the cracks of the recycling system.

So Resinate is recycling it, turning some of it into our own 100% recycled plastic products, and building the circular economy at a local level.

Watch our social media for our upcoming products and partnerships with some of your favorite brands.

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One ton of recycled plastic saves:

5,000 Kwh of energy

16 barrels of oil

30 cubic yards of landfill space.

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