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Resinate is a re-manufacturing company - we collect plastic waste from local businesses (often ones that don’t have access to a recycling program) and reprocess that waste into 100% recycled plastic products, including planter pots and climbing holds. This saves recyclable plastic from the fate of landfills or incinerators and instead produces a durable, recyclable product.


Luke Ryberg

Mad Scientist

Design and Engineering



Garret Schwartz

Design Freak

Branding and Business Strategy



Brandon Schwartz

Smooth Operator

Operations Management and Engineering


Volunteer/Internship Opportunity:

For a few volunteers and one intern, we're now offering an opportunity to impact global sustainability by helping to build the circular economy at a local level. We provide experience in recycling, manufacturing, and design, in a setting that makes an impact on participants as individuals as well as the world around us. It can be a volunteer or internship experience with a circular economy brand where you can gain access to local and national events in sustainable business and recycling and be appreciated for what you do.

Resinate is looking for a few additional volunteers for various aspects of the operation during its startup phase and beyond. Applicants should be at least 18 years old, take pride in attention to detail, be conscientious and safety-oriented, and preferably have reliable transportation. Time slots available: Any 1 to 3-hour shift on Mondays or Saturdays between 9 am and 7 pm. We prefer volunteers who want to consistently participate weekly or every two weeks. Longer-term business partnership/stakeholder opportunities are also available for the right people.

Volunteer duties include simple tasks as well as more specialized tasks that require skills or training, which we will provide. The simple tasks include removing labels from bottles, transferring succulents into pots, and going on local pickups to acquire plastic. More specialized tasks involve photography, graphic design, welding, craft-building for merchandising and marketing, and operating machinery within the production process. We provide a relaxed but goal-oriented and organized work environment, with training on all tasks, safety gear, snacks, and fun times. We also expect volunteers to contribute a reasonable amount of fun to the operation and we can provide training for this.

Contact Info

If you're interested in volunteering or interning with us, please send a response regarding the above information to the address below (or call us).

Point of Contact:

Garret Schwartz, Co-Founder & CEO 

(520) 815-6712 or

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