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We started from the bottom...

It began with two college students and one of their older brothers. Now it's just the two brothers, pushing through the difficulties of building a business in 2020, in cannabis and recycling, and smiling through the challenges. 

Garret (middle) and Luke (left) wanted to understand plastic problems and Arizona's part in them. Luke needed to go his own way, and he ended up doing great.

After it was just Brandon and Garret in the company, and has been since then, they ended up focusing in on plastic dispensary waste, (which Garret had plenty of in his own life), and they kept building the systems to collect and process it. Garret also worked with numerous individuals and countless community members to design, test, and redesign the Twisted Tray, a patent-pending rolling tray that will be made just like the little stash jar.

So we morphed into a cannabis-centric company, which has helped us find our way. We know who we're serving and how.

We're excited to build something even better and help more people make a difference together.

We believe nothing should be taken for granted in our society or our planet's ecoystems. One of the best ways to contain plastic waste is to make use of it before it goes to a recycling system, landfill, or natural environment.

We hope that people will just stop producing plastic packaging at some point, and we will cheer that on and work toward long-term solutions.

Resinate is an upcycling company full of people so talented and dedicated that it actually works - we collect plastic waste from local businesses (often ones that don’t have access to a recycling program) and reprocess that waste into 100% recycled plastic products. This saves recyclable materials from the fate of landfills or incinerators and instead produces a durable, eventyally recyclable product. People loved our test product - a cute little planter that you can find right here, and our designers are currently working on a whole new line of products for a very different kind of customer.

Let's be honest...

Recycling shouldn't be a mystery, and reusable resources shouldn't go to waste. We are part of a new, circular economic system that we hope will help society work economically and environmentally better. We do this by using plastic waste generated by local businesses and consumers to create modern products designed to last and to be recycled again.


One ton of recycled plastic saves:

5,000 Kwh of energy

16 barrels of oil

30 cubic yards of landfill space.

We’ve all heard the news about plastic pollution in the ocean, and some organizations are out there cleaning it up, but the truth is, that won't cure the problem. That's because there is no single "cure," to the problem, but Resinate is doing something productive with this so-called waste material here in landlocked Arizona, where plastic waste is often thrown into landfills, incinerators, and sometimes shipped overseas for processing or disposal methods that often lead to oceanic pollution. Part of the solution to the global plastic pollution is creating economically productive outlets for the plastic waste that people dispose of. What's better than recycling? Well, reducing and reusing... But when those aren't possible you can upcycle! We upcycle or "reuse" this material to create our products, which retains more of the material's value and locally builds the circular economy.


Volunteer/Internship Opportunity:

For a few volunteers and one intern, we're now offering an opportunity to impact global sustainability by helping to build the circular economy at a local level. We can provide some experience in recycling, manufacturing, and design, in a setting that makes an impact on participants as individuals as well as the world around us. This can be a volunteer or internship experience with a circular economy organization where you can change the world, make cool things happen, and be appreciated for what you do.

For Internship credit or pay consideration, please contact us using the information at the bottom of this page.

Resinate is also now accepting a few additional volunteers for various aspects of the operation during its startup phase and beyond. Applicants should be at least 18 years old, take pride in attention to detail and follow-through, be conscientious and safety-oriented, and preferably have reliable transportation or be able to work remotely for certain positions.

Volunteer duties include simple tasks as well as more specialized tasks that require skills or training, which we will provide. It also depends mostly on your skills, interests, and competence. We provide a relaxed but goal-oriented and organized work environment, with training on all tasks, safety gear, snacks, and fun times. We also expect volunteers to contribute a reasonable amount of fun to the operation and we can provide training for this.

Contact Info

If you're interested in volunteering or interning with us, please send a response regarding the above information to the address below (or call us).

Point of Contact:

Garret Schwartz, Co-Founder & CEO

602-334-0321 or

Whats next?

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