Our Creations

Thoughtfully designed, carefully crafted with 100% recycled plastic

saved from local landfills to help #makethingsbetter.


Climbing Holds

The Little Planter

100% locally recycled plastic.

100% recyclable (through our process).

Introducing Model 1: The very first bolt-on climbing hold from Resinate. Designed and manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona.

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This product started out as a perk which we offered as a "thank you" for our those who contributed to our crowdfunding project. People loved this little planter, so we decided to keep making them.

The product has evolved since our crowdfunding project concluded, and Resinate has evolved a bit, too! It's perfectly sized for cute little house or office plants, or even a mini-herb garden! Please note that the link below is for the "planter only" which will be delivered without a plant inside. So the possibilities are endless! If you're local to the valley of the sun and would like a potted plant or an herb planter kit, check out Bunky Boutique and Strawberry Hedgehog (respectively).

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