Partners & Collaborators

These are the wonderful local companies and organizations we work with to make great local products and keep plastic out of landfills & nature. 

Mission Dispensaries

Mission is of Resinate's main collection sites! This dispensary is definitely one of the best in the state because of the way the engage and care about patients. They also care about recycling, which is why they were the first dispensary to partner with Resinate in Arizona to recycle plastic poptop containers. Mission is a welcoming and upbeat environment for everyone, from first-timers to experts.

Bunky Boutique

Bunky Boutique was opened in 2007 and named after the shop owner’s beloved grandmother. It’s a tiny and tucked-away shop which features timeless, modern, creative fashions and locally curated products from local and independent designers. Their leader, Rachel Malloy, and the rest of the crew personally select every item in their stores, and they know their clients by name. That’s one reason they were the first to feature Resinate’s Little Pots in their store.

Local First Arizona

Where to begin with this wonderful organization… Local First AZ has supported our mission since the beginning because they support local businesses which help Arizonans thrive. They’re a nonprofit organization that celebrates independent, locally owned businesses to support, promote and advocate for a strong local business community and raise public awareness of the economic and cultural benefits provided by strong local economies. They have been vital to Resinate’s development in the state, and they also provide our founders with a lot of smiles and moral support to keep us going during difficult times.

Keep Phoenix Beautiful

Keep Phoenix Beautiful is a local, green, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide tools to empower diverse communities to improve overall quality of life. They promote a vibrant Phoenix where each neighborhood is a healthy, beautiful place to live. Their community gardens are wonderful places to volunteer, learn, and interact with the greater community. Resinate’s partnership with KPB’s iRecycle events supports both our missions by collecting empty pill bottles and dispensary bottles from community members who would rather Resinate recycle these items than see them go into local landfills.

Arizona Complete Electronic Recycling

ACE e-waste is a small, locally owned business owned and operated by John and Shelby Maguire. They take in electronic waste – basically anything that plugs in. John’s 15+ years of experience in the computer field allows ACE to reduce waste by salvaging and refurbishing, and Shelby’s experience in biology and as a veteran Arizona teacher allows the company to connect with the community and focus on environmental awareness. Their responsible recycling practices help to reduce the amount of electronic waste in Arizona’s landfills and the environment.

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