Partners & Collaborators

These wonderful local companies and organizations work with us to help the community make great local products and keep plastic out of landfills & nature. 

Oasis Cannabis AZ

Oasis is amazing! They do a lot for their patients and to be an integrated part of our community. As of August 2, 2020, we're recycling at Oasis Dispensary locations in North Chandler, South Chandler, and Glendale! Oasis also sponsored the creation of the bins for all three locations and contributed to the 2020 crowdfunding campaign for the Twisted Tray. Thank you, Oasis!

High Grade AZ

Since partnering with High Grade AZ for the Recycle Rewards program at all Oasis Cannabis AZ locations, the results are inspiring: the amount of plastic recycled each week has more than doubled.

In their business, High Grade is all about quality and cleanliness for each botanical, industry-leading lab practices for concentrate production, and consistency and the highest standards - from hand-selecting eighths to filling all packaging in-house.

They also support the community in all sorts of ways, including partnering with us to make the recycling program more sustainable and valuable for people who recycle. Check out the customized jars we made in collaboration with High Grade AZ, made from 100% recycled industry plastic that would have gone to landfills.

Marigold Community Dispensary

Marigold (formerly Mission North Mountain) was Resinate's original community collection site! This is one of the best dispensaries in Arizona because of the way their people engage with the community (and we've seen some great deals and products their lately, too). Marigold, much like their parent company Aeriz, cares about sustainability and recycling, which is why they were the first dispensary in Arizona to partner with Resinate to pilot our recycling program specifically for plastic canna-packaging that come from their favorite marijuana dispensary (often called drams or poptops by dispensaries).

Green Hills Patient Center

Green Hills Patient Center is the White Mountains’ premier dispensary and recreational center, located in Show Low, Arizona.

We partnered with Green Hills with help from Dizpot, a leading producer and distributor of industry packaging. Green Hills staff and patients were overjoyed to introduce the program, and Resinate is very grateful for the "big guys" who make the packaging helping us to collect and divert it from landfills and ecosystems.

Their primary goal is always to facilitate people's needs and to make sure people have a positive, comfortable, and healing experience.


Dizpot is one if the biggest and best makers and distributors of canna-industry packaging. They have stepped up to support Resinate, help us reach new communities, and make a bigger impact on waste and build better systems for future generations.

So far, thanks to DIZPOT 🚛 people can now recycle all plastic canna-packaging at our newest Energy Pod which they helped provide 🔋 at Green Hills Patient Center in Show Low, Arizona 🌲. Dizpot also made recycling in Northern Arizona sustainable for us, because Dizpot can assist with logistics on their normal route.

We owe tons gratitude for “the big guys”  collaborating to make a real impact, when they could easily just maintain the status quo.

Keep Phoenix Beautiful

Keep Phoenix Beautiful is a local, green, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide tools to empower diverse communities to improve overall quality of life. They promote a vibrant Phoenix where each neighborhood is a healthy, beautiful place to live. Their community gardens are wonderful places to volunteer, learn, and interact with the greater community. Resinate’s partnership with KPB’s iRecycle events supports both our missions by collecting empty pill bottles and dispensary bottles from community members who would rather Resinate recycle these items than see them go into local landfills.

Local First Arizona

Where to begin with this wonderful organization… Local First AZ has supported our mission since the beginning because they support local businesses which help Arizonans thrive. They’re a nonprofit organization that celebrates independent, locally owned businesses to support, promote and advocate for a strong local business community and raise public awareness of the economic and cultural benefits provided by strong local economies. They have been vital to Resinate’s development in the state, and they also provide our founders with a lot of smiles and moral support to keep us going during difficult times.

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