Experimenting with biology

As we are perfecting our two pilot products and moving towards retail and online sales we want to make our entire product line to be truly Eco-friendly.

Enter the biodegradable “styrofoam” packaging project. Using the unique physical properties of the biological organism Mycelium, which functions as the root system for all species of fungus and mushrooms, a durable, foam like packaging object is grown in a form of choice.

The end result is an organically grown material that is lightweight, odorless, flexible and fully compostable and biocompatible with any lawn, garden, and natural ecosystem. Simply remove the product from inside the packaging, and toss the mycelium in the nearest soil, it will compost with the soil resulting in greener plants and richer, healthier soil.

Hemp chip substrate, inoculated with mushroom spores and left to grow for 5 days.

Designed a model of The Little Pot, with spacing for the accompanied plant, 3D printed in PLA, and the partially grown mycelium is packed into the form.

More exciting experiments from our R&D coming soon!

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